Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering – an image of death.


Aurora Homoeo Clinic, a multi specialty homoeopathic clinic, provides exceptional quality medical care for the entire family. We treat the person holistically and not just the disease.

Life is composed of three parts – Body, Mind and Spirit. The spirit is called the Vital Force. In the healthy condition of a human, it is the vital force that animates and rules the materialistic body, and retains all the parts in admirable harmonious way. Vital force is dynamic in nature and any deviation in this vital force results in the disease condition which is shown through outward manifestations in the form of symptoms.

We consider every aspect of the patient - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social in order to find the right remedy according to the totality of the symptoms so, that disease can be permanently cured. This holistic approach strengthens and rejuvenates the whole being by stimulating the dynamic vital force.

Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn from which Aurora Homoeo Clinic derives its name.

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