Homoeopathy is an effective and scientific system of medicine in which medicine is selected based on individual peculiarities of the patient. This system of healing believes that no two case or patients are alike even if they are suffering from the same disease. Every person has his own identity so every patient is taken as a different individual. This concept is called “individualization� in Homoeopathy.
This individualistic approach of Homoeopathy forms the basis of this system of medicine. Practitioner must recognize the individualistic characteristics of the patient which is the deciding factor in the choice of the medicine. Individualization laid the foundation of the frequently used phrase in Homoeopathy that “Homoeopathy does not treat disease. It treats patients.�
As we all know, no two people are alike in this world, be in health or disease. Susceptibility is the general reaction of the human being to different external as well as internal stimuli and it varies from person to person. This individual variation of susceptibility makes one person different from the other another one.
Homoeopathic physician conducts the whole examination or the case taking of the patient with the view to recognize not only the common or general feature of the disease but to determine the peculiarities of the individual which differentiate this particular case from the others of the same disease manifestation.