Homoeopathy contrary to popular belief is not slow acting

Homoeopathy is generally believed to be a slow acting system of medicine but the fact is that homoeopathic medicines start providing relief within a few minutes to some hours. In acute diseases like cold, fever, diarrhoea etc. homoeopathy not only provides spontaneous results but also prevents long lasting weakness or relapses which are generally seen after acute illness.

In chronic cases, homoeopathic medicines may take some time to act and this has perpetuated the myth that homoeopathic medicines are slow acting. Generally, patients resort to homoeopathic treatment after trying other types of treatment for a long time without any beneficial effect. By the time the patient finds succor in homoeopathy their condition gets worse or gets suppressed. The gross mismanagement that takes place because of earlier medications has to be neutralized first by homoeopathy, to effectively act on the disease. Moreover, as the disease remains there for quite a long time, the vital energy in the body gets depleted so much, that it takes some time to revive it with homeopathic medicines. The restoration of the balance in such cases is time consuming but ultimately wonderful results have been shown by the homoeopathic system of medicine.