Homoeopathic treatment does not aggravate problems

A well chosen homoeopathy remedy is supposed to relieve the complaints without aggravating the disease further. Homoeopathic aggravation can occur initially in those cases where the disease has been suppressed earlier by some other treatment. For example, if skin condition gets suppressed then it may lead to development of asthma and when the patient is treated for asthma by homeopathic medicines, his earlier disease reappears. This reappearance is considered as a good sign and shows that the patient is progressing towards cure.

Homoeopathic aggravation also takes place as a short term rise in intensity of the physical symptom with feeling of general well-being. Whenever we suffer from the acute conditions like fever or nasal discharge, we try to suppress the same by taking conventional medicine whereas fever or nasal discharge occurs because defensive mechanism of our body is trying hard to flush out the infection or disease producing agent from our body. While in homoeopathy we take these physical symptoms as vital responses towards disease which are necessary for defending and cleansing our body system and a homoeopathic medicine is supposed to strengthen these reactions while a while rather than to suppress the same but the patient will start feeling better almost instantly.

Homoeopathic aggravation can also occur if the medicine is not selected carefully and hence it is advisable to consult homoeopathic consultant before taking any medicine.